Potato boxes

The new standard in potato boxes

At Palletbedrijf van der Pol we know how to combine years of practical experience with theoretical research in creating the best products.

This is our new potato box

The construction has been redesigned and improved, which makes the box suitable for use in stacks of 6 high or more. The different parts of the box are produced with a large as possible surface for gluing, using 1KD3 waterproof glue. This results in stronger connections leading in a more stable and stronger box.

When assembling the box, waterproof Polyurethane glue is used. This makes sure the assembled box will become stable. All parts are nailed with galvanised machine nails.

This is why you choose a new potato box from Van der Pol:

  • Unique: Standard inserted galvanised brackets to prevent damage to your product
  • Long life: Combination of four sided planed Northern European pinewood and European oak or douglas to improve lifespan of the boxes
  • Personal: Black field for writing and your personal print on the front of the box.

For export

  • Supply worldwide,
  • In DIY-kits including equipment,
  • Heat treated according to ISPM-15,
  • Including fytosanitary certificate,
  • In containers

Please contact us for more information.