quality & certification

Quality is a high priority at Palletbedrijf van der Pol. The quality of our products is monitored throughout the entire chain.


The company is ISO-9001 certified, making the quality of the proces continously subjected to improvements.


The export of wooden packaging is only permitted when those are treated with a so called "Heat Treatment". This treatment against pests can be done by Palletbedrijf van der Pol. The company is associated with the Dutch SMHV, responsible for ISPM-15 certifications in the Netherlands. ISPM-15 is an international measure, which prevents pests from spreading through wooden products. The specific number used by Palletbedrijf van der Pol is NL-030.


All chemical pallets are produced according to the guidelines of the German VCI. All CP-pallets of Palletbedrijf van der Pol are marked with the number 245.