environment & safety

Palletbedrijf van der Pol is an environmentally conscious company. Working with natural resources requires carefulness and awareness. Because of this the amount of waste is kept as low as possible. Waste is reused as much as possible and seperated before disposal.

All our wood waste (including residues and rejected pallets and crates) are shredded. Those wood chips are used to fire up a biomass plant. The heat generated is used for the heating of the factory, and also the dryin kilns up to 56 °C for Heat Treatments.

Left over wood chips, saw dust and shavings are disposed to a specialised company. This waste is reused in several ways, in example for chipboard or compressed blocks.

Working with a combustible product requires strict safety measures. Palletbedrijf van der Pol possesses a water well, so it is not dependend upon the regular water supply network. Fire hoses and connections can be found outside on the terrain, as well as in the factory. Smoking is prohibited outside the marked areas.